Oven Cleaning Services Birmingham

After months of cooking, baking and frying. Your stove and your oven is burnt, charred and full of grease. The thought of cleaning it may leave you paralysed. The thought of cutting through all that grease, where do you start?

Time to call in the professional oven cleaners in Birmingham

Chrisco cleaning services offers professional oven cleaning of both commercial and domestic ovens.

The job will include:

  • General inspection and switching off of power.
  • Removal and cleaning of each rack
  • Pre treatment of the oven with specialist cleaning formula
  • Removal of carbon deposits and baked on grime
  • Oven window cleaning (where applicable)
  • Full degreasing of oven
  • Cleaning and degreasing of hobs
  • Cleaning up of surrounding areas before finishing

There are some unexpected advantages of maintaining a clean oven. An oven interior that is free of carbon deposits reflects heat better. This will use less energy and cook foods more evenly. A clean oven will also get rid of cooking odours faster. If the aroma of that baked fish dinner lingers in your home longer than you’d like, a thorough oven cleaning may be the answer to a sweeter smelling kitchen.

When choosing an oven cleaning service in Birmingham, chose one with the experience of cleaning 100s of oven in the city. For professional oven cleaning service in Birmingham.


Single oven: £35.00

Double Oven: £50.00

Microwaves: £10.00

Prices for commercial oven will be done on a case by case basis.

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