Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services Birmingham

Chrisco Cleaning Services Ltd are the leading commercial and domestic cleaning company in the West Midlands. When was the last time you looked at your floors and thought, this floor is so clean, I could eat from it? Or when was the last time you thought my home feels as clean and fresh as a five star hotel? well now you will…

We are managed by a highly qualified management team with a high commitment to quality, our cleaning service is all tailored to suit you. We are not builders or decorators, all our team does is clean, and pardon us for saying it we are very good at it.

We are not just another cleaning company, we are committed to highest level of quality at the lowest cost to our customers. If you are commercial business, landlord, School, hotel etc and you would like to improve the quality of the cleaning your premises receive then you have come to the right place.

Whether it is commercial, industrial or domestic cleaning services that you require, you can rely completely on the professional and efficient services that are offered by Chrisco Cleaning Services Ltd., one of the best cleaning companies in Birmingham.

Our cleaning services include end of tenancy cleaning for domestic and commercial spaces, carpet cleaning, and oven cleaning and also cleaning up after the builders have left. We specialize in commercial cleaning of any kind of small or big commercial spaces such as offices, industries and institutions, malls and commercial buildings. If you need any kind of cleaning services in or around Birmingham, get the best cleaners in Birmingham to do the job for you; get Chrisco Cleaning Service Ltd.

The importance of a super clean environment in the home or office or even an industrial space is not overrated. Apart from benefits to health for the users of the clean space, it has been shown that keeping homes, offices or industries clean reduces the risk of accidents and strife between people who use the space.

Since different places have different requirements of cleaning, we customize the service for you according to your requirement and your budget so that you are completely satisfied